Allied African Broker Network is an integrated network of independently African owned and operated short term insurance brokers, aiming to provide stability, responsiveness and personal relationships to guide risk management in Africa.

AAB is the strategic response to the convergence of global interest in Africa as a frontier market. Significant financial global investments have been mobilised into technology and the exploration of minerals. Major discoveries have in return attracted investments in ancillary services such as supply of input materials and services, including banking and insurance. AAB is the realisation that a unified African-based solution is needed for global markets conducting business in Africa.

Members of AAB abide by the highest code of conduct, providing tailor made insurance solutions and risk management strategies and have an in depth knowledge of the territories within which they operate. Indwe Risk Services is the driver and key broker responsible for setting up AAB’s transaction platform and co-ordinating the client base that is hosted by this network.


Allied African Broker Network works proactively to identify opportunities emerging in Africa, and to present the Alliance as a reliable alternative to global brokers. The Alliance:

  • Forms a platform for exchange of information and knowledge
  • Creates a unified approach to global markets for the benefit of the members of the Alliance
  • Assists the members in arranging reinsurance facilities and referrals
  • Aims to create an African-based insurance and reinsurance facility for classes such as energy, marine and aviation
  • Actively engages in training programmes and exchanges of information and market intelligence.